I left Wing but want to come back. How does that work?

I left Wing Tel but I want to come back. How does that work?

We'd be happy to reinstate your Wing Tel service! You will simply need to order a new complimentary SIM card from Wing Tel Or if you have a newer model device, you can activate now through our simple eSIM process.

Please have your account number & pin ready.

What if my Wing Tel line got suspended and I want to re-join?

If your account has been canceled, suspended, expired, or parked and you wish to reactivate your service with Wing Tel in the middle of a cycle, you must pay the full price of a new plan and any outstanding overdue bills must be paid in full.

Depending on your plan, you may reinstate your line within 30-60 days from the date of expiration. Please contact a Wing Tel agent to determine if your line is eligible for reinstatement.

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