What if I need to add data?

If you would like to add data mid-cycle, you can choose to do so. 

If you’d like to upgrade your plan mid-cycle, you will simply pay the full price of the plan you’d like to upgrade to. 

Your new plan will go into effect within 24 hours and your billing date will change to the day you upgraded plans. 

For example: If your upcoming billing date is January 25th, but you want to upgrade plans on January 15th, then you’d simply pay for the new plan you’d like to upgrade to and your next billing date will change to February 14th; 30 days from your new plan activation date.

You will be able to upgrade plans in the Wing app (Download for iPhone or Android) or directly through the Wing Dashboard very soon. For the time being, you can request this online or by texting 347-801-0202 or calling 1-818-722-1441 to speak with a Wing Agent.  

If your phone’s network reads “AT&T” in your phone’s settings or in the top left corner of your phone, then the below article applies to you.

Adding Data : You are able to add data-mid cycle in the app and customer dashboard and pay the difference between the plan you are currently on and the plan you’d like to upgrade to.

How to check your network :
iPhone : Settings —> General —> Network
Android : Setting —> About Phone —> Network
Or : The network name in the top left corner reads or “AT&T”.


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