Hearing Aid Compatibility

According to the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act and Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) rules, wireless phone providers are required to ensure the availability of hearing-aid compatible devices to facilitate those with hearing difficulties. At Wing, we are more than proud to provide a varying host of compatible phones to our valued customers. Please find a list of cellphones we provide meeting such FCC requirements below. We have added a hearing-aid compatibility (“HAC”) rating--as delineated by FCC--including an “M” and “T” rating, next to the listed cellphone. 

(last updated May 20th, 2021)

Phone FCCID HAC Rating
Alcatel 1018B RAD556 M3/T4
Alcatel Smart Flip 2ACCJN032 M4/T4
Apple iPhone 11 BCG-E3309A M4/T3
Apple iPhone 11 Pro BCG-E3305A M3/T4
Apple iPhone 12 BCG-E3542A M3/T4
Apple iPhone 12 Mini BCG-E3539A M3/T4
Apple iPhone 12 Pro BCG-E3545A M3/T4
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max BCG-E3546A M3/T4
Apple iPhone 8 BCG-E3159A M3/T4
Apple iPhone XR BCG-E3220A M3/T4
Apple iPhone XS BCG -E3175A M3/T4
Coolpad Snap 4G R38YL3312A M4/T4
Google Pixel 4 A4RG020I M3/T4
Google Pixel 4XL A4RG020J M3/T4
Kazuna eTalk 2ASCR-KAZUNA M4/T4
Kyocera Hydro Shore V65C6742 M3/T4
NUU F4L Call Only 2ADINS2801l M4/T4
Orbic Journey V 2ABGH-RC2200L M3/T4
Samsung Galaxy A01 ZCASMA015V M4/T4
Samsung Galaxy A51 A3LSMA515F M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 A3LSMN981W M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S20 A3LSMG981V M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus A3LSMG986B M4/T3
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra A3LSMG988B M3/T4
Samsung Galaxy S21 A3LSMG991B M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra A3LSMG998U M3/T3
Samsung Galaxy S9 A3LSMG9600 M4/T3

To learn more about the best device for your needs, including comparing and contrasting various phones, visit the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative website,
here. To learn more about HAC ratings or accessibility, please click on the following link.

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