Wing’s AT&T Network: Plans & Features

Below are all plans and features that exist on Wing’s AT&T network. 

Unlimited Plus Plan
Price : $65
100GB of 5G and LTE data with hotspot usage up to 20GB.

Unlimited Plan
Price : $55
40GB of 5G and LTE data with hotspot usage up to 10GB. 

Other available Data plans (hotspot included) :

5GB - $38

2GB - $27

1GB - $20

Features for all data plans include: 

  • Unlimited Voice & SMS included
  • 5G access
  • Hotspot & Device Tethering
  • Picture & video messaging
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Group messaging
  • WiFi Calling
  • Unlimited international SMS

Basic Plan/Flip Phone Plan
Price: $20
Talk/Text Only

  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • 4G LTE service
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited conference calls & hotlines

International Data :
There are currently no international data options for the above Wing AT&T Network plans. 

*However, If your phone is compatible with the AT&T network and you need International data, a smartwatch plan or other accessories, you may be eligible for an alternative AT&T network that allows these features. Please contact a Wing Agent to find out.

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