How does billing work on Wing?

On Wing, your billing cycle is renewed every 30 days based on your original activation date.

For example: if you sign up and activate on Wing on January 15, your plan for that line will renew exactly 30 days from that date moving forward.

If you have add-ons with your plan, such as device insurance or a device lease, your monthly add-on charges will renew along with your plan every 30 days.

The easiest way to pay your monthly bill on Wing is through the Wing Tel app. (Download for iPhone or Android). Or you can use our Website Dashboard to pay.

If your phone’s network reads “AT&T” in your phone’s settings or in the top left corner of your phone, then the below article applies to you.

Billing Cycle : Your billing cycle begins on the 5th of every month and run their course until the 4th of the upcoming month.

How to check your network :
iPhone : Settings —> General —> Network
Android : Setting —> About Phone —> Network
Or : The network name in the top left corner reads or “AT&T”.


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