How does billing work on Wing?

On Wing, we are a prepaid service meaning all bills are due every 5th of the month. Your billing cycle begins on the 5th of every month until the 4th of the upcoming month.

Your Wing bill is due on September 5th.

Your payment will cover your wireless services from September 5th to October 4th.

Your next Wing bill will be due on October 5th.


If you have autopay enabled on your Wing account, your default payment method on file will be automatically charged 2 to 5 days before the 5th.

The easiest way to pay your monthly bill on Wing is through the Wing Tel app. (Download for iPhone or Android). Or you can use our Website Dashboard to pay. You can request this online or by texting 347-801-0202 or calling 1-818-722-1441 to speak with a Wing Agent.

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