How does data work when I travel outside the US on Wing GSM (AT&T)?

We offer data, talk, and text services in over 110+ international destinations. For more details pertaining to the destination under AT&T roaming partnership, please visit the AT&T site directly.

If you're a user on Wing’s GSM (AT&T) network, we offer data, talk, and text for just $10/day through an International Day Pass. The Pass allows you to access your current plan outside your home country. 

How do I add an International Day Pass on Wing GSM (AT&T)

Before traveling outside the US, use your Wing app to add the Pass by: 

  • Going to the International tab.
  • Selecting the country you’re traveling to.
  • Selecting your date of arrival (this is when you want your plan to start).
  • Selecting the number of days you wish to use the International Day Pass for.
    • These will activate the plan for consecutive days, so you cannot pick and choose what days you’re using the plan.
  • Hitting ‘Next’ to go to the confirmation page.
  • Once you confirm all the information is correct, follow the steps to complete payment.

If you need to add more International Day Passes, repeat the same steps above!

To update your account for an International Day Pass, call us at 1-818-722-1441, reach us via the Wing app (Download iOS or Android), or chat with us live on our website ( for more info.


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