Activation Steps For Your iPhone

If you were provided a new SIM for activation, please confirm that the sim card number provided to the Wing agent matches the card being inserted into the phone. Once the SIM card is inserted, please perform the following steps:

Subscriber Settings
Dial ##25327# and press call to result in 'iPhone is activated' message.

Service Update
Dial ##873283# and press call to result in 'Service Update Complete' message.

Enable LTE & Roaming Settings
Settings - Cellular - Cellular Data Options - Make sure LTE is on. Click on Roaming: confirm Voice and Data roaming are turned on.

Disable Background Refresh
Settings - General - Background App Refresh - 'Off' or 'WiFi Only'. It'll save battery life and data.

Configure SMS
Settings - Messages - Send as SMS - On.

Enable WiFi Calling (Optional)
Settings - Phone - WiFi Calling - Follow the activation steps.

Test calls, texts and data
At this point your wing agent will help you test these key functions to confirm everything is working as it should be.

Download the Wing App
Complete activation by logging into the app and paying your first bill. Search for “Wing Tel” within the Apple App Store.

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