What happens if I purchased a new phone from Wing but cancel service or port out?

Like with any other carrier, if you have a payments left on your phone, the remaining balance is due prior to the cancelation of Wing service.

Any phone with a remaining lease balance or loan will be locked to Wing and cannot be unlocked or used with another carrier until the balance is paid off.

Upon completing the device order, you will have agreed to terms and conditions of the device purchase. Any phone financed through any of Wing's financing partners must be activated on the network for at least 365 days. A minimum service plan of 1GB is required. Parking plans are not considered service plans and will result in a charge of the full balance due on the device.

If you would like to cancel prior to the 365-day period, you can take ONE of the following THREE steps to clear your remaining balance:

1) Pay off the remaining balance directly to Wing. Your loan will then be closed out and your device will be unlocked.

*If you would like to pay off a phone in full, contact a Wing Agent directly. You will then receive a bill for the remaining loan balance due. Once payment is made, the Loan will be closed out and no further balance will be due to either party. The payment must be made directly through Wing, and not the third-party financing partner.

2) If you wish to continue making monthly payments through the third-party financing partner, you can pay a Loan Termination Fee of 20% of the original total amount of the loan to Wing. A Wing Agent will assist in getting this fee paid. Once the fee is paid, the phone will be unlocked.

3) If you’re within our 7-day Return Policy window then you can return the device to Wing with a Restocking Fee charged to the credit card on file and a hold amount for the value of the phone. See restocking fees here.

Once the fee is paid and hold is placed, a return label will be sent to you for the phone. As long as the phone is returned to Wing and is confirmed to be in working condition and able to be accessed, the hold will be removed.

*If you carry over an existing lease from your carrier to Wing, but end up not activating on the Wing network, you are still subject to the above policies.

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