What is the Rental/Lease Fee?

We want to ensure transparency in our services and here’s the important information about our device rental fee: 

The rental/lease fee refers to the monthly charge for the usage of the rented/leased device(s) as outlined in our terms of service. This fee is in addition to your chosen monthly data plan and may include applicable taxes. The quoted rental/lease rate at the time of purchase is payable alongside your data plan fee each month. Please note that rental/lease rates are subject to change with prior notice.

In case of cancellation, termination of service, or if you decide to end the rental/lease agreement, you are required to return the rented/leased device(s). Additionally, there might be a device recovery fee, as specified in the subsection of the provided terms of service. We aim to provide transparent and customer-centric pricing, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers.

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