How To Do A Hard Reset?

If you experience difficulties with your router or cannot log into the admin page and wish to revert all settings to their original configuration, the reset feature enables you to restore the router to its factory default state.

You have two options here for completing a reset!

1. On the ProSpeed Router directly:

To perform a manual reset on the router, locate the reset hole on the bottom of the device, to the right of the cable ports. Press a dull-tipped pin in and hold it down for 5 seconds or more. You will see the LED indicator start flashing yellow to indicate that the reset has been triggered. It will then turn white, gently fading in and out as the router undergoes the restart.

2. On the Admin Page:

To perform a reset using this option, access the Admin Page on your browser then tap the Device Settings dropdown on the left pane of the homepage. Select Backup/Restore then tap the Factory restore button on the lower right portion of the page. Select Yes on the disclaimer.

For more instructions on accessing the Admin Page, go to How To Access The Admin Page for My 5G ProSpeed Router?

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