How Do I Connect My New 5G ProSpeed Router?

Our devices will arrive preactivated to ensure you have the easiest experience setting up the device!

  1. Place your ProSpeed Router on an elevated surface where you are likely to have good ventilation and reception.
  2. Connect the power cord to the port on the bottom of the ProSpeed Router then plug it in. On the front panel, the ProSpeed Router LED indicator light will start blinking to show it's powered on and is attempting to establish a connection

  1. When the light turns solid white, your ProSpeed Router is connected to the internet, it has a good signal, and is ready to go.
  2. Now that your ProSpeed Router is ready, you can connect your devices to it in several ways: 
  • Using your device on the bottom of the ProSpeed Router
  • Manually enter the wifi name and password into your device
  • Connect devices via an ethernet cable
  • If your office has multiple devices already connecting via an existing router, you can connect to the ProSpeed Router using the ethernet cable provided and connect the LAN port of the Internet ProSpeed Router to the WAN port of your existing router.

If you run into any issues please do not hesitate to contact our support team!

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