How To Access The Admin Page for My 5G ProSpeed Router?

The Admin Page for your 5G ProSpeed Router is an incredibly helpful tool that you can use to help with any number of issues or changes you’d like to make to your router!

You’d be able to:

To Access Your Admin Page Please:

  1. Make sure your ProSpeed Router is plugged in
  2. Connect to the default Wi-Fi name and password (located at the bottom of your router):


  1. Once you have logged in to the default name and password please open your web browser of choice and open the following URL:
    1. If you see a security message reading 'Your connection is not private' be sure to click “More Details” or “Advanced
    2. Then select “Proceed to” in order to bypass this error!
  2. You will now see a login page which you’d be able to access using the username and password you see on the bottom of the router:

NOTE: The login for your admin page should not be confused with the Wifi name and password that exist on the same sticker under the router!


You're now logged in! Please be sure to check out our other FAQs to learn more about the things you can do with the admin page!

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